Our Head of Product Development, Leonard Dorlöchter, joined a team of panelists to help guide energy blockchain startups towards a more sustainable future.

What can blockchain do for the energy sector? This was the focal point of the event organised by Konfidio, Energy Web Foundation and Consensys. The event provided startups in the blockchain energy space an opportunity to pitch their projects, discuss the development of sustainable energy solutions, and share knowledge of new energy blockchain investment opportunities.

The event presented multiple startups with focus on areas such as smart charging, blockchain powered IoT bikes, using blockchain technology to prove the provenance of energy and provide validation of carbon free energy, as well as developing billing systems between the energy provider and buyer.

The energy industry is just one of many industries that will reap the many benefits of  blockchain technology.

''There is no energy industry future conceivable without blockchain technology" - Leonard Dorlöchter.

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