An event  by Deloitte Digital, Lisk and Advanced Blockchain AG.

On Thursday the 21st of February we welcomed some key thinkers in the blockchain space to our Berlin headquarters for a collaborative event between Deloitte Digital, Lisk and Advanced Blockchain AG.

Max Kordek, CEO of Lisk and Michael Geike, CEO of Advanced Blockchain AG, gave key note speeches before being joined on stage by Sebastian Markowsky, Director at GP Bullhound, and Friedrich Neuman, founder of Makers, for a panel discussion.

Each member wielding a unique perspective on the technology and the direction it's heading in took to the stage to give their two cents on how blockchain will disrupt not only financial institutions but entire industries.

In the panel discussion hosted by Friedrich Neuman, Max Kordek passionately demonstrated the importance of synergy; working together as one, in order to truly push blockchain to its peak.

Michael Geike then emphasised the sizeable gap still present between theory and real world application of blockchain technology - and how Advanced Blockchain AG are building the bridge into this new technological realm.

Projecting a different perspective, Sebastian Markowsky presented his investment viewpoint of the industry and his belief of the growing infrastructural change occurring everyday behind the scenes.

Today, blockchain presents itself as potential, a half-created cup which is yet to hold enough water to quench the thirst of those whom sip from it. However, the same cup tomorrow, is full, plenty of water and has the power to change the landscape of business in the real world.