Advanced Blockchain AG announces that its portfolio company, Peaq Technology, has officially won the 2021 Breakthrough Awards.

After coming first in public user voting, Peaq won the jury vote at the finals held semi-virtually. Co-Founder Leonard Dorlöchter presented the company in a pitch and convinced the jury of their ultimate vision to create the Economy of Things. The prize money is 300,000 euro in media budget, which will be used to own the narrative on decentralized charging over the next year.

Peaq solves the biggest dilemma of e-mobility: the fragmentation of charging station infrastructure and the lack of interoperability. Developed by peaq and a large German automotive group, the decentralized platform leverages the democratic potential of blockchain technology: each station and e-car is given its own sovereign identity on the peaq blockchain to communicate directly with others and pay each other.

In 2022, this solution will launch while becoming the first dApp on the peaq network.

Peaq Technology is part of Advanced Blockchain's continuously growing portfolio, actively rethinking the construction of Web3 by introducing the Economy of Things and ground-breaking machine NFTs.

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