Simon Telian, Managing Director and Group Chief Investment Officer of Advanced Blockchain, is going to participate as a keynote speaker at the NFT Summit on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021. The panel discussion will take place at 9.40 pm CET.

Simon Telian is going to deliver the day 2 keynote presentation: Collecting Experiences - Unveiling the Power of NFTs for the Creator Economy. During this presentation, he will join Schuster Tanger, Partner at TQ Ventures, and Charles Read, Founding Partner of Rarestone Capital, as well as the two co-founders of Logcast, the Swedish-centered social network exploring the future of digital social experiences.

In recent years and months, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have evolved from small experimental, fun projects to a real economy, marked by by Beeple's record NFT sale of 69 million USD. Today, there exists NFT-based virtual worlds, metaverses, and economies with enormous amounts of liquidity.

Advanced Blockchain sees itself as the technological partner for artists to successfully digitise their work on the blockchain as NFTs. “Currently, there is an enormous demand for NFT projects and we are able to hold a strong position in this new field by developing high-revenue business models for creators and artists," says Simon Telian, MD and CIO at Advanced Blockchain.

Advanced Blockchain has been driving tokenization as one of the first companies to invest and build in this space, and now actively paves the way to a token economy built on Web 3.0.The panel is free to attend and will be live streamed online and in Decentraland. Online participants can register here: