Advanced Blockchain AG is pleased to report the latest positive developments with regards to its token investments. As detailed in our news release from 27.05.2020, Advanced Blockchain AG’s token investments, in particular the Polkadot project ( and Energy Web Token (EWT; have positively developed. We continue to expect a positive development. Both of the aforementioned tokens can now be traded on several crypto exchanges with high liquidity. For example, the daily trading volume of the Polkadot token is near a billion US dollars.

Overall, our token investments - in addition to Polkadot and EWT, also COTI ( - achieved a largely unrealized seven-figure profit. The portfolio of investments will continue to be managed and maintained by Advanced Blockchain AG.

We also received Kusama tokens free of charge from our Polkadot investment.

Furthermore, we receive so-called staking rewards (comparable to dividends) on our Polkadot tokens, from which - as of today - we expect a 6-figure profit annually.

Further information about Advanced Blockchain AG is available on its website,